The Significance of Continuity in Care

Consistency is something that we all appreciate as humans. All care companies should strive to maintain an efficient level of continuity to the care they provide in clients homes.

Here are the 3 Main Reasons Why:

1) Trust & Relationship Building

Receiving care in your home is a very private, personal and in some instances, uncomfortable experience, therefore, it is of the utmost importance that you trust and feel comfortable with the carer providing your care. In order for this to be achieved, it is important that you have a chance to develop a genuine relationship with the carers involved in your care package. This is more easily created when there are few familiar faces, as opposed to many new ones.

2) Identifying Changes & Risks

When caring for vulnerable adults (especially adults with impaired memory), it is important to be able to detect any changes in behaviour, environment, speech and body. This is due to the fact that these changes could often be associated with a more serious underlying issue such as abuse, illness, neglect etc. Having the same few carers providing your care allows them to notice the slightest of changes and inform relevant parties or take the necessary safeguarding action.

3) Communication

Last but not least, when providing quality care, it is vital to have an effective line of communication between Client, Family, Management, Carers & Other Healthcare Professionals. This way everyone is kept in the loop and aware of any necessary changes or updates to the care package. In order to maintain this transparent line of communication and protect sensitive data, it is essential that the same few carers are given access to such data and that relevant parties are aware of them and their involvement.


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