The 10 Carer Commandments

One of the MOST fulfilling & rewarding job’s out there is the role of a professional Carer!

Despite popular belief, being a good Carer can be very challenging.

Here are The 10 Carer Commandments which will lead you to the Promise Land!

1) Always Arrive On Time!

No one likes to be kept waiting, even more so if they are dependent on you for something. Be sure to set alarms to leave on time and aim to arrive 5 minutes early.

2) Always Ask The Client!

There are over 7.8 BILLION people in the world. Just because you do something a certain way, does not mean the client will also want it done that way. As a rule of thumb, always ask the client for their preference, as it is their home.

3) Always Record Completed Tasks!

“If it's not recorded, it never happened!” All activity within a clients home needs to be recorded for legal, health and safety reasons. Take for example, you’ve administered medication for a client and NOT recorded it, a colleague could review the record and re-administer the same medication, leading to possible serious incidents.

4) Always Clock In & Out!

It is important that your attendance is monitored, whether arriving or leaving late. This allows management to update relevant parties and identify any potential incidents ahead of time.

5) Always Encourage Hydration!

It is essential that we all drink sufficient amounts of water on a daily basis, and the older we get, the more difficult this becomes. Therefore, it is our duty as Carer’s to not only remind but encourage our clients to have a drink! In case you missed our article on the on the importance of hydration, click here.

6) Always Report Concerns! Transparency is key in being a great Carer! No matter how big or small you think a concern may be, it is always a good idea to inform your Registered Manager who could then further investigate, and inform the relevant parties if necessary.

7) Always Wash your hands!

I think after March 2020, we ALL know the importance of washing our hands! However, it is even more important as a Carer given that we work with vulnerable adults who are more likely to be significantly affected by harmful germs and bacteria.

8) Always Put it Back How You Found It!

This commandment is an extension of Commandment 2. It is vital that you respect the clients home arrangements and always return used items to the location and condition in which you found them. The only exception to this commandment is if said arrangement is a potential hazard to yourself or client. In which case, explain to client, and inform your Registered Manager.

9) Never Use Your Phone!

I know we all enjoy “Instagramming, Whatsapping, Snapchatting, Chatsnapping" etc etc. However, this is completely unacceptable within a client’s home, as you are neglecting the client who is in need of your care, which is not only disrespectful but dangerous.

10) Never Discuss Clients Outside of Their Home!

This is an extremely important commandment as us Carer’s work extremely close with clients who may confide in us when a bond/relationship is formed. The sensitive contents of your private conversations should not be shared amongst anyone other than the client. The only exception to this commandment is if the client has given you consent to share, or if the information highlights a potential risk and you need to inform your Registered Manager.


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