Home Care VS Care Home Facility

Figuring out what care options are the best for yourself or your loved one can be a difficult challenge. This article offers an overview of Home Care and Care Home Facility options and which one is better for your circumstances.

What is Home Care?

Home care is broken down into two main categories:

  1. Non-medical home care involves trained carers coming into the home for a set number of hours each day or 24-hour (Live-in) care depending on the need. These carers help people with personal needs like cooking, bathing, shopping, and dressing.

  2. Medical home care involves having a Registered/District Nurse, Physiotherapist, or Home Health Aide coming to your home for set visits each day or several times per week depending on the care need (Eg: catheter replacement).

Choosing Home Care

Home care is a great option for individuals who wish to stay at home but may need extra personal or medical care. Home care is typically more flexible & cheaper than a care home facility.

People who need home care are able to stay at home safely with extra care support . There are various financial support programs available to assist you with funding home care.

What is a Care Home Facility?

A Care Home Facility is broken down into two main categories:

  1. Care Homes offer 24-7 care with more of a 'home feel' within the accommodation facilitiy. Individuals live with a group of other residents. Staff within a Care Home help residents with personal and basic medical care tasks (eg: pill administration) just like at home.

  2. Nursing Homes also offer 24-7 care whilst providing more advanced medical assistance (eg: injections) and supervision from a Registered Nurse in addition to personal care services.

Choosing a Care Home Facility

A Care Home Facility is a good option for an individual who needs constant support or If your loved one needs very specialised care.

Care home Facilities are more expensive than receiving care at home due to the additional accommodation costs.

There are also financial support programs available to assist you with the funding of a home care facility.


  • If you prefer to remain at your current home, don't need constant care/supervision, or are on a smaller budget, consider a Home Care Agency.

  • If you need around the clock 24 hour care or don't feel safe alone at home, consider a Care Home Facility (Alternatively, if you have a spare room in your home consider a live-in carer)


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