How Much Does Care at Home Cost in Hertfordshire...& WHY?

Hertfordshire is known for providing a good standard of Care in the UK, ranking 4th in the country for access to healthcare amongst the 65-84 age range.

With that being said the average cost for quality home care in Hertfordshire ranges from £20 - £27 per hour, depending on type of care, time of day, complexity of care, and various other factors.

I’m sure by now after hours of research you’ve realised that getting the right home care for your loved one can be quite costly, and just like anyone in their right mind you must be thinking......WHY!?

Look no further, here are the 5 main reasons why quality care at home can be costly.

1) Recruiting

A home care provider is only as good as their dedicated team of Carers. With that being said in order to recruit a highly motivated and passionate Carer, a home care provider needs to invest in both the recruitment process and the perks/benefits of the role in order to attract and reward the BEST talent of Carers. This way, quality is guaranteed as the selection process is intensive and thorough.

2) 24/7 Transparent Office Operations:

High-Quality care providers are investing into advanced technology to significantly improve quality assurance, accountability, 24/7 transparency and overall experience of their service (Read 3 ways Technology makes handling Care at Home Easier for You!).

Aside from that, in order to provide completely reliable and responsive home care, investing in a 24/7 on-call mobile phone service is absolutely mandatory for handling ANY emergencies or concerns at ANY time.

3) Continuous Training & Development:

In order to guarantee that the quality of care provided is of a high-standard, high-quality care providers invest heavily into continuous training of carers. This is everything from;

  • First Aid

  • Hand Hygiene

  • Privacy & Dignity

  • Hydration & Nutrition

  • Safeguarding

  • Medication Administration

  • Moving & Handling

  • Infection Prevention

  • Mental Health & Dementia Awareness

  • Etc etc etc

'Behind every great Carer, is hours of training from a great Care Company!'

4) Thorough Background Checks:

Let’s face it, we would all like to have peace of mind knowing that whoever is being sent to care for our loved one is not even remotely dangerous/threatening or has any bad intentions.

In order to guarantee this, high-quality home care providers invest in enhanced DBS background checks for ALL Carers joining the team, along with at least 2 professional and 2 personal references before hand, followed by face-to-face interviews and shadow/supervision shifts.

5) Trained Office staff:

There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes when providing a safe, responsive and well-led home care service, such as;

  • Updating Client care plans

  • Managing Rota’s

  • Managing unforeseen circumstances

  • Monitoring tasks recorded

  • Managing Carer’s schedules

  • Answering any questions from Client/Family Members

  • Planning Care training for carers

  • Getting Client feedback

Providers need to invest in experienced office staff as completing all the above duties to a high-standard requires an advanced level of home care administration and communication skills.


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